Here is what mummies have to say about my classes

“my son was born  at the Birth Centre. He was born
very healthy into a birthing pool. Nadine, I think you were on to something
with the full moon of the 10th, went into labour that afternoon !! I was
using my  moves and breathing for early labour at home (also
those moves got baby out of posterior position a week before).I told all the midwives about Nadine’s classes and teachings. I felt great after with no drugs in my system. The birth centre was a dream experience, could not have asked for a more incredible way to bring baby into the world. These  classes really prepared me wonderfully,xo ” ( JS Blackheath)


“our baby boy Christopher was born on 25 Oct in a birthing pool . It was a surreal and incredible experience! I must say thanks Nadine! The midwives were impressed that I dilated from 4cm to 10cm in 5 hours considering Christopher was back-to-back” (SC Blackheath )


I did Nadine’s classes last year from about 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I can highly recommend them! They were relaxing, enjoyable but most of all I truly believe they helped me with my labour- I had no pain relief other than G&A and a tens machine and was still happy, calm and joking with the midwife at 9cm dilated 🙂 ( GH Blackheath )


I cannot tell you how much the breathing excersises helped me through it!!! Oh my god, it was soooo good to have a technique that was clear and easy to follow.  I felt no fear, just excitement and focussed.
When E R was born, no stitches or anything other than Gas & air! I felt on top of the world with baby in my arms. I was so proud of myself having breathed through it. I often thought back to our session throughout and really tried to focus on what you had taught me. Nadine – I cannot tell you how much these breathing techniques helped me through a reasonably ‘effortless’ birth – especially compared to the first time round: no fear, medium pain and I just knew what I had to do. THANK YOU sooo much! It would have all been so different without you and your excellent session. (KB  Dulwich)

And Treatments …………

My baby was only 3 months old when Nadine gave me a massage. It was  a wonderful way to unwind, and to be kind to my very tired body. Nadine was very sensitive to my needs and created a truly relaxing atmosphere. ( AJ, Lee Green)

The Reflexology treatment was AMAZING and much more relaxing that I thought. I slept like a baby last night. Will definitely be back for more. (GJ Nunhead)

Nadine cam to me regularly throughout my pregnancy and she was the one who helped me get through it as I had a very bad back and struggled carrying the baby, She is brilliant. (JC Hither Green)

Having a massage and Reflexology treatment  each month while I was pregnant really helped to relax me. Not only was the massage brilliant at easing my poor aching back, I also really benefitted from chatting to Nadine before hand about how I was feeling. As my due date approached and we talked further about my birth plan I realised that Nadine’s active birth knowledge could be beneficial to me to. I booked a couples workshop my myself and hubby and it was fantastic. What we learned together with some massage techniques for  labour really made the difference on the day. I completely recommend Nadine and have done so to all my bump buddies. ( DM Honor Oak )