Massage for Fertility, Pregnancy and the Post Natal period

Pregnancy is an extraordinary process, both joyful and stressful. Your body undergoes huge changes to meet the needs of your growing baby. Massage has been used for centuries as a way of easing the strain of pregnancy and helping women connect with their babies. It can be used safely at all stages of pregnancy.

Women come for all kinds of reasons: to ease aches and pains, to get some precious ‘me time’, to explore their feelings about pregnancy and their changing body, to prepare for birth and to nourish themselves after their baby has arrived.

You can choose from booking regular appointments to support you through your pregnancy or coming for a one-off de-stress.

Pregnancy Massage

When we first meet, there is a full consultation concerning your pregnancy, health and needs. From this  we can decide what our objectives are and what kind of massage is most beneficial.

Together we can find ways to allow you to deeply relax, whatever stage of pregnancy you are in.You will be lying on a comfy couch, usually on your side, well supported by a range of cushions so you feel cocooned, supported and ready to let go.

Post Natal Massage 

Your body goes through huge changes after the birth; though your life will have changed forever, it can take more than a year to get back to ‘normal’ and it is easy to forget to look after yourself.

You can choose from booking regular appointments to support you after the birth or coming for a one-off de-stress. Of course you can continue with regular massage as a way of looking after yourself and allowing yourself to take time in the long term.

Rebozo Massage Treatment

The Rebozo massage is a unique, three part treatment which will dissolve tension, ease joint stiffness and take you to a deep place of healing within yourself. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that will leave you with  a sense of calm, allow to feel grounded and give you safety and containment.

Mexican rebozo

Head and Shoulders – Lying on your back, your shoulders and head are gently massaged with a unique ‘emptying’ massage to start your journey into a state of soft relaxation. Following this, your head is contained in the strong fabric and rolled from side to side, to allow your neck to safely release.

Shoulders and Hips – The rebozo is wrapped like a hammock to rock, roll and stretch out your tired limbs, used appropriately on your legs this will also release your hips and lower back.

Closing the bones – To complete the treatment, you are carefully wrapped by four rebozos to tuban your head, swathe your shoulders, settle your pelvis back home, ground your feet and ankles. Here you are given time to let go within yourself while resting in the safe containment of the shawls, before being quietly released.The treatment can be adapted to allow for any issues or personal preferences, but it is perfect :

  • After you’ve had your baby
  • If you have lost a baby or are grieving
  • If you are suffering from stress around your fertility
  • For women who suffer from PMT

To arrange an appointment for any massage treatment please contact. or call 07956 494 597