Active Birthing Movement Classes

A package of three movement based sessions each lasting 1hr which run in the comfort of your own home. During sessions we will learn  about Active Birthing and use movements, breathing and visualisation techniques that  provide the foundation for enabling an active birth and include :

Movements for pregnancy and labour – to work on inner birthing muscles and bring balance and symmetry to the body, to help control the speed and intensity of contractions, to encourage baby into optimal position.

Breathing and Relaxation techniques – Breathing and visualisation techniques for relaxation and a different breath at each session for early labour, established labour and the bearing down stage.

Birth Education – Organs, muscles and hormones present and how to encourage and assist them during pregnancy and labour, the importance of gravity and how this affects our birthing experience.

The cost for movement sessions is  £45 for  each 1hr session.



Birth Preparation Workshops ( for mum and birth partner ) 

A relaxed and informal Birth Preparation workshop which explores how to enjoy more natural and active birthing from beginning to end.

We will embrace and explore Active Birthing in an easy to understand and extremely practical session suitable for all whether a hospital or home birth is planned. During this workshop you can expect to learn :

A real understanding of the physiology of labour – what causes the process to happen and what can cause  the process to falter

Active Birth Positions for labour – Movements and breathing for each stage, Bringing balance to uterus, OFP ( Optimal foetal position), the use of gravity

Massage for labour and other tools –   including Rebozo, using a birth ball and techniques for your birthing partner so they can provide meaningful support through prompts, breathing and practical tasks.

This workshop will be at your home and will run for 3 hours it is  priced at £150 ( location dependant ).

Please note it is possible to combine a workshop with movement sessions.Please contact me to discuss.

To arrange movement sessions or a birth preparation workshop please contact : or call on 07956 494 597