Baby Massage

One-to-one Baby Massage

Baby massage sessions in the your own home work very well. Classes take place in a comfortable environment familiar to yourself and your baby and at a time to suit you. We can focus on things specific to baby rather than the needs of a larger group.

At the end of the baby massage course you will be able to give a full body routine, including legs and feet, arms and hands, tummy, chest, face and back (the head is not massaged). Most importantly you will become familiar and confident with the various baby’s cue versus reflexes, the pre-language skills and your baby’s development. You will also learn containment holding, a colic routine, some gentle movements inspired by yoga and ways to adapt the massage as your baby grows.

 One-to-one sessions are typically run over two weeks for one hour each and are completely baby led.
The cost of each session is £30 and includes organic massage oil and hand-outs.
Small group sessions

I am also happy to run classes for small groups such as NCT or Hypnobirthing groups. These run over three weeks ( minimum group size 4 ) and there is a small discount for the host. Small group baby massage is priced at £60 per family includes organic massage oil and hand-outs.

To arrange a one-to-one or group baby massage course please contact. or call 07956 494 597